Why should purchase a security system through Cable Com and not just get an “out of the box” solution?

Many companies want to purchase a “one size fits all” solution, or an “out of the box” solution, because they think it will save them money. There is a reason for the old saying: “You get what you pay for”. “Out of the box” solutions are often the lowest quality equipment a manufacturer has to offer. This also makes you responsible for the installation. Are you a security expert? Because the last time you want to say “Well, at least I saved some money…” is when a security system failed when you needed the security the most.

When Cable Com installs a security system, not only does it comes with a lifetime labor warranty and a five year equipment warranty (depending upon the manufacturer), but it is also installed by knowledgeable and professional installers with expertise in security surveillance methodology. Cable Com only believes in doing the best work and supplying the best equipment. Our professional staff plays an important roll in what system should be installed, which cameras should be used, video storage requirements, along with many other factors most people never consider.

What makes Cable Com different from other companies?

Our strict adherence to industry standards. Any company can pull cable from point A to point B, but not every company realizes the importance of industry standards. For instance, were you aware you can only fill a conduit up to 40% of its capacity? Or that you must use plenum rated cable in an open return air space? You may not know these things, nor even care, but the local fire inspector does. Making sure the installation is done correctly greatly outweighs the cost of having to have the installation re-done. Cable Com employs an RCDD (Registered Communications Distributions Designer), Quality Assurance Inspectors and properly trained staff to ensure all work is done properly and up to code.

What is the difference in Cat6 and 6A?

Category 6 cable has a maximum bandwidth of 250MHz and a maximum data rate of 1Gbps or limited distance of 10Gbps, while Category 6A has a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz and will deliver 10Gbps in a 100 meter length. Both Category 6 and 6A are commonly used in commercial buildings.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) has become the standard for supplying electricity to AV, computing devices and VoIP phone systems. In today’s environment more types of powered devices are using PoE. Devices such as wireless access points, digital signage, videoconferencing and access control are all increasing the amount of power running through cables.

Higher power levels running through a cable can cause performance issues by making the cable hotter. When the cable gets hotter, insertion loss increases which increases chances of problems such as downtime and in some cases damage to the cable itself.

Category 6A dissipates heat better and delivers more power to each device, and in some instances as much as 20% more power is delivered.

When can I expect Cable Com to start?

Unlike some companies that may quote a long lead time to start a job, Cable Com has a dedicated Service department and a fully stocked warehouse where dispatching a technician right away is no problem. Whether you need one cable pulled or an entire office cabled, we will be ready to serve you. You don’t want your network in just anyone’s hands, let Cable Com send out our factory trained technicians that offer up decades of experience.

What if I don’t have the money right now?

Some customers tell us that they really need a new network or security system, but they are a little short of cash or do not have the money in the budget. No problem. Cable Com can finance any project no matter how small or how large it may be. We have several different options to choose from.