Security Surveillance Systems

Video security systems are essential for business.

When considering a surveillance system, many factors must first be considered. These factors lead the design, installation, and service of an efficient video surveillance system.

  • Is the system being installed to prevent vandalism or monitor valuable items?
  • Is the system a cost saving measure for insurance purposes?
  • Is the system to monitor the entrances of a secure facility?
  • Is the system being used to provide security to a residence for you or someone you love?

Whatever the reason for installing a video security system, Cable Com ensures it meets the necessary requirements. Our industry professionals help design, plan, install as well as service the best security surveillance systems for any given situation.


Access Control

Access control is a security technique regulating access to resources in a given environment. These systems rely on user credentials, access card readers, auditing and reports to regulate access to restricted locations and proprietary areas (ie: data centers). Some systems incorporate access control panels to restrict entry into rooms and buildings. They can also be set up for alarm and lockdown capabilities, preventing unauthorized access or operation. This security option minimizes liability risk for businesses and organizations.

We are one of the top access control installation professionals in the industry. Please call us today and put our team to work for you.


We specialize in:

  • Security surveillance systems
  • Video management software
  • Multi-campus environments
  • Cloud/IP based solutions
  • Access control systems
  • Smart cards
  • Biometric readers